Your Lightning is your spark, your innovation, & the vision for your company. Our Bottle is the vessel that helps deliver your message to the world.

Here at 40 Rod Media we have over thirty years of combined experience in catching lightning and bottling it in various forms of multimedia. In today’s ever changing marketplace, technology has revolutionized the way the customer consumes your information. The vision for your company has to evolve with this technology just to stay competitive, and 40 Rod Media can help you to stand out and be visible in this expanding modern market.

Lighting is an ever fleeting thing and can be gone in a flash. Therefore you must catch it before it’s goes, and we’ve got just the bottle for you.

Your Lightning / Our Bottle.   What does it all mean? Presentation is the manner or style in which something is given, offered, or displayed.  It is also the most crucial aspect of how you introduce your lightning to the public.

At 40 Rod Media this specific facet is the foundation of what we built our company on, and the sole purpose of our craft.  We aim to supply your business with the precise professional multimedia package it requires to properly meet your target audience.  Now that you’ve got an idea of who we are, it’s time to show you what our bottling can do for you.